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Come meet Scorpionxstar and Aerynsys at RuffleCon 2014 (October 4th-5th) Marketplace Table T-13!

Palace of Prince’s resident artist Scorpionxstar will be selling her new lapel pins, rings and restocking her extremely popular ouji and lolita keychain accessories! Don’t miss out on the brand new Paperdoll Lolita Artbook featuring 13 international artists debuting for the first time at RuffleCon.

Don’t miss out on Aerynsys premiering an exciting brand new J-Fashion sock collection by Ozone Socks! These artisan socks are produced from carefully selected family owned mills in Japan, France and Colombia to assure the highest quality possible. In fact Ozone’s Japanese socks are produced in the same mill as Vivienne Westwood! With over 20 different exquisitely curated socks by Aerynsys herself to suit any style from gothic and classic to sweet and ouji you’ll be sure to find the perfect socks to make your coordinate shine! It will be Ozone’s first time debut at RuffleCon and they are putting all their socks up for sale with limited time only deeply discounted introductory prices and for every two pairs of socks you will get 50% off your third pair!

Stop by and support Palace of Princes!~


I’m super happy to finally be able to announce what I’ve been working super hard on lately. This collection was a work of love I made in collaboration with Ozone Socks. It has been super exciting and I look forward to seeing other people studding our wonderful socks! Please come support me and Scorpionxstar at RuffleCon!

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GodLoves Edie Campbell shot by Tim Walker for Vogue © December 2013

Editorial : “Dressing like the Dickens” 


Costume designed by Franco Zeffirelli for Maria Callas in the Paris Opera’s 1964 production of Vincenzo Bellini’s Norma

From the Centre National du Costume de Scéne


Finished up two more custom sashes!

-Pizzicato Kei
-Royal Echarpe - Navy x Gold x Ivory
-Royal Echarpe - Gold x Silver x Black

Excited to finally have my own sash from Pizzicato Kei!!

Buttcape Senpai is sending me their AATP second jacket button.

I feel so special to be apart of this japanese tradition <3


New Release: Excentrique - Banquet Coat

Color: Navy

Price: 55,080 Yen

I just found your blog and I wanted to say I love your style. You also look very stunning.

Thank you <3


- Now available for Preorder -

Paper Doll: A Lolita Fashion Artbook
44 pages, full color 8 x 10.75”

Featured artists:
chaoticoasis / coffeshere / donniii/ janemai/ n0toriouslil / lindateatelier / loputyn / l-papillon / mayuiki-art / choconoke / hattercharles / saicoink /  tangledbeasties

An artbook featuring illustrations of lolita fashion by wearers and fans of the iconic japanese street style. Special thanks to all of the amazing artists that helped make this project possible! I’ll be debuting this book at Rufflecon (therufflecourt) Oct 4th and 5th. I’m at table T13 so if you are in the area please come check it out~


I saw this meme going around and had to try it for myself..


I saw this meme going around and had to try it for myself..



Born in Hiroshima, 1975.
Shintaro Ohata is an artist who depicts little things in everyday life like scenes of a movie and captures all sorts of light in his work with a unique touch: convenience stores at night, city roads on rainy day and fast-food shops at dawn etc. His paintings show us ordinary sceneries as dramas. He is also known for his characteristic style; placing sculptures in front of paintings, and shows them as one work, a combination of 2-D and 3-D world.

Japanese artist Shintaro Ohata (previously) currently has two new sculptural paintings on view at Mizuma Gallery in Singapore. Ohata places vibrantly painted figurative sculptures in the foreground of similarly styled paintings that when viewed directly appear to be a single artwork. In some sense it appears as though the figures have broken free from the canvas. These artworks, along with several of his other paintings, join works by Yoddogawa Technique, Enpei Ito, Osamu Watanabe, and Akira Yoshida, for the Sweet Paradox show that runs through August 10th

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Senpai I'm new to ouji fashion and I was planning to dress ouji for an upcoming wedding party. I was wondering what website's would you recommend for a first timer?

Hey Anon,

Welcome to the world of Ouji <3! You should check out Palace of Princes! It’s a tumblr blog I started with 9 of my ouji and aristocrat friends (including buttcape, ghostintheforest, technotropism, agentlemandoesnotconga and more!) that combines all the newest info, guides, and coordinates about ouji and aristocrat all in one place! Plus all my experienced friends and I help contribute to answering all the Asks we receive. So you have an entire council of experienced ouji and aristocrats including myself helping you on your own personal ouji journey. My friend Buttcape also made this fantastic Ouji Overview guide which is also directly linked to at PalaceofPrinces. It’s a great place to start for the new ouji. Good luck!!

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